School of Public Health

School of Public Health

The UIC School of Public Health is committed to diversity in its many facets. By celebrating the unique contributions of students, faculty, and staff, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) supports a more enriching learning environment and foster a truly global community.

At the SPH, diversity is the inclusive, welcoming, stimulating climate shared by all members of this community. Students, faculty, staff, and community partners convene from different geographic locations, religious backgrounds, political viewpoints, and social/cultural perspectives. ODI celebrates these differences as a source of provocative, robust, and respectful discourse and debate and as a pathway to equity.


Student Focused: Recruitment, Retention, and Practice

Faculty Support: Collaboration, Research, Recruitment, and Retention

Management/Leadership: SPH Diversity Initiatives, Community Outreach, and SPH UHP Management

Contact Person(s): Dr. Nadine Peacock, Associate Dean, Office of Diversity and Inclusion,  Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences

1603 W. Taylor, Chicago, IL  60612 Suite 152 School of Public Health Office of Diversity and Inclusion SPHPI

Email:   Phone:(312) 996-5955